Dating remington 760

The remington model 760 gamemaster is a pump-action, centerfire rifle made by remington arms from 1952 to 1981 the model 760 replaced the model 141 in the product . I just inherited my father's deer rifle i am just curious if anyone has any info on it year of manufacture like i said it's a remington gamemaster model 760 carbine. Join date mar 2010 location remington 760 stocks boyds makes stocks for the 760 and you can order it at in any length you want quick navigation rifles top.

Remington 760 vs 7600 join date: feb 2005 has a bolt with 19 small locking lugs,the 7600 bolt has 4 large rotating lugsyears ago when i talked to a engineer . Remington long guns made between the early 20's and early 70's, usually have a date code on left side of the barrel,( above the wood line),just forward of the receiver it usually a two or three letter code. Remington model 700, model 700, remington model 700 serial numbers, quick remington model 700 facts: serial numbers by date (factory record book) m - 1921. I am now the proud and somewhat surprised owner of a remington 760 gamemaster every once and a while, i buy something because it is just too good to pass up.

Remington dates of manufacture for remington guns made 1921-1972 only we have no data for remingtons made at other times a two or three letter code on the left side of the barrel identifies the month and year of manufacture. Hi gun experts i have a rem 760 270, and i'm trying to determine how old it is i've checked the remington website and looked at the letter charts, but they don't seem to match my rifle. Looking for a remington 760 looking to buy an older remington 760 gamemaster in 30-06 $300 maximum, less if it doesn't have the front sling stud and iron sights.

Remington 700, 870 or 1100 serial/barrel number lookup will work with remington 700, 870 or any other remington shotgun or rifle it will show you date of manufacture of your firearm it is very easy to use, it uses information from the remington company. Am looking to pick up rem 760 rifle or carbine would appreciate some feedback from owners of this model refering to durability,accuracy, and general. While perusing a local shop that has @ 8 or so used 760's i heard some bad crap seems 2 younger guys were burning some daylight and were hanging out one of 'em picks up one of the 760's and says to the other oneremington 760's are old mens rifles.

Dating remington 760

Here's what i have guys: i have a remington 760 gamemaster in 257 roberts caliber and from what i understand it's one of the more rare calibers and. Re: remington 760 date code post by the gamemaster » mon apr 11, 2016 4:04 pm although a unmolested rifle's age can be predicted by the codes stamped on the barrel, i would be hesitant on insisting that it is of a certain generation until i looked at both the serial number and the barrel code. Remington barrel date code firearms information remington never () used serial numbers to identify the date of manufacture of it's firearms, they however stamped a date code (spelled out below) by the first letter meaning the month and the last letter the year of manufacture.

This is a remington model 760 gamemaster pump action rifle chambered in the 30-06 caliber the rifle features a blued steel barrel and receiver with checkered solid walnut hardwood stocks and open sporting sights. I was just gifted a really nice remington 700 bdl in 30-06 from my step-dad manufacture date for rem 700 bdl, help but the remington dating site chart doesn .

This is an article from shooting times magazine about remington's model 760 gamemaster the gamemaster is a pump-action rifle very popular with deer hunter in the east, particularly pennsylvania. Model 7600 illustration courtesy of remington arms co remington has offered centerfire pump (or slide) action rifles since 1912 their current line of pump action rifles for high intensity cartridges dates back to the model 760 of 1952 named the gamemaster, the 760 was offered in several . I have a remington 742 woodsmaster ihave seen the dating codes listed in this and other forums, but mine absolutely has no letter in it under the. Lg1210 date code on this remington game master 760’s barrel, is a somewhat confusing set of triple letters, drb its serial num for sale by robertson trading post on gunsamerica - 998032431.

Dating remington 760
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